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This week I was blessed with a couple visitors from out of town, so when I was pressured to provide the most Helsinki experience ever, my first thought was to share the beautiful space that is the Kaisaniemi Botanic Gardens.


I became familiar with this space after reading about it in Helsinki People Make The City and felt the images shared were some of the most understated and iconic scenes from around town. For botanist enthusiasts or people just seeking a couple good Instagram posts, this space does not disappoint.


All photos here were taken with my usual Canon set up, excluding the first image. My wonderful guest and step sister waved her wand and made the most stunning image to emulate my favorite cover photo of Kirsikka Simberg.


There are not enough words to express the beauty and detail this space contains. I plan to spend many more afternoons wandering these glass rooms. It is my prediction that varying weather would only make the experience, and the images, more stunning and unique. Until next week,

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A few days ago a friend tipped me off about a local museum having free admission this week. I had yet to visit this particular location and took advantage of the local opportunity. To preface, I am not an art historian or an expert by any means. I simply enjoy being surrounded by grand old creations and taking in the beauty of it all.


 There can always be something valuable to take away from the experience of an exhibition. Even if the work is not to your taste. Take the time to notice the architecture of the building itself. The placement of each work and the story the entire collection tells. The details large and small are impressive.


For the exhibits themselves, it does not make a difference if I am well versed on the subject or not, the collection will undoubtedly leave me impressed, humbled, and inspired. Not so inspired that I want to run out to the closest paint store and buy all the supplies, but simply, growing my appreciation for those committing to a craft or purpose for a greater reason.


Be sure to keep an eye out in your area for free admissions in local museums this season, as well as adding the Ateneum Art Museum to your must see list when visiting Helsinki!

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Cheers to movies that inspire us, the memories that make us, and the cocktails that help us along the way. This week I am talking about a special little place that combines all three, Riviera. This venue not only airs some of the latest blockbuster hits but also provides a fully stocked bar and snacks to enjoy your cinematic entertainment.


I found this place through a dear friend who took me on birthday date. Within minutes the two of us were swooning over the venue, the seats, and the magic that exudes from such a quaint little experience. Since then we have been back once more and I have already purchased tickets to take my husband later this month.


Just like the theater of your dreams, this one is equipped with the coziest little red couches, lavish lighting, and décor, all of which slip you right into that 1920s movie night mood. With prices competitive to standard theaters, why you would want to go anywhere else to see the newest feature film. Riviera is sure to be a memorable occasion and walking away you’ll feel as though you are stepping out of a dream!


If you are living in the Kallio area of Helsinki, or just passing by, I would highly recommend saving a couple hours to see a movie at Riviera. Their hospitality is warm, welcoming, and with the right movie, you will not leave disappointed!

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