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For some of you, it may have not been apparent the summer solstice just passed. For many of you, it may not ever register when a solstice occurs, but in Finland, it is the ultimate celebration of the season. The sun is visiting for the longest period of time all year, and it is the climax of the year for most civilians. From a photography perspective, that means you have to wait till about 10:00 pm for golden hour content.


I have enjoyed living here and celebrating this special occasion. Mostly, because it is always a contradiction to what it should be. It should be sunny, warm, and absolute euphoria in the air. In reality, my memories oh Juhannus (Midsummer in Finnish) are anything but! Grey skies, chilled temperatures, and multiple layers of clothing tend to pass the day.


Another story about Finnish Juhannus is the empty city streets. Everyone packs up around Thursday and by Friday evening the city is left with only unknowing tourists and younger people living by the dusk light and catching a glimpse of a local bonfire. Although I did not get to make my ultimate midsummer photo, these sunset streets sure kept things entertaining until midnight.


 The final image was that last on my SD card. It was the last image I took, just before turning off my camera and soaking it all in. The midnight sun, the beginning of summer and the end of spring. It is bittersweet to think about the days getting shorter again, but we will leave that thought for a future post. Until then, hyvää juhannusta!


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This week my health took a turn when I caught a cold. I was out for a few days and did not get a chance to do anything for the blog. So the following are some photos from a gorgeous midnight sunset from last summer. Even though the temperatures are hardly ever ideal, the midnight sun is really something special to witness.

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If I had to pick one thing I absolutely adore about Nordic culture, it is the frequent and impressive picnic scene. No matter how big or small, if the sun is shining, you can find someone sharing a meal outside with friends, or having a snack in the fresh air.


Picnicking to me is the postcard activity for summer. I take advantage of the local scenery and pack up my essentials for a special hour or two. This location is my favorite spot! Just a 5-minute walk from my front door, it is top notch combining views of the sea and a lush rolling green lawn.


On this particular day, my lunch is simple, I have a new recipe for my sandwich and picked up some fresh berries on my way to the park. Whether you prepare the meal yourself or buy something to go, you can do no wrong by opting for a meal with this view!


As a child, I remember my mother collecting various picnic basket sets. They were extravagant and only really ever used for holidays or special occasions. Nonetheless, they struck my curiosity for dining with the great outdoors. Now, the Helsinki scene is more low-key, trading a wicker basket for a quirky canvas tote. It is a wonderful activity to celebrate a special occasion, spark a romantic date, or just a reason to leave the house for a few extra hours.


Happy picnicking! Until next week,

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In a turn of events this week, I won an Instagram contest. The image above is 1 of 10 pictures that I got to personally chose and print at the coolest new vending machine in town. Photojet hosted the contest on their Instagram and the winner gets 10 prints!

This little win was a nice way to end the week. After going through a hard couple of days emotionally and energetically, this little surprise was the light at the end my tunnel. Everyone enjoys the nostalgia of a physical picture. It was also a nice memory of 90s culture photo developing.

So this little contest, and this special little picture, in particular, are two tiny shining reasons why I am going to work to keep my chin up. I must stay motivated about the new goals set in place for 2017.

Hopefully, in time, I can find a comfortable balance to share deeper content without treating social media like a personal diary. Until then, vague and ambiguous phrasing will have to suffice. After all, Nasty Trash is a personal project.

To end this week on a positive note, I encourage you to count all of your tiny victories as grand blessings. Each individual moment has the ability to fill you up inside with joy. I know this is much easier said than done, but it is a decent practice to pursue. And if you are in the Helsinki area, and you could use an extra token of appreciation, check out Photojet at Iso Omena!

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