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December 6th, 2017 was the 100th anniversary of Finlands Independence. While I have been living here, this has been a huge celebration all year long. For those of you who may not know, here is my rendition of the celebration.


Finns have a different mood towards December 6th, compared to other Independence Day traditions around the world. It is a solemn holiday here when citizens take time to remember those who lost their lives. Similar to Veterans Day in my home country.


Fortunately, the centennial celebration brought a new mood. Blue and white themed the streets, shop windows, and light displays. Hundreds of thousands of people were out enjoying the day. As my third time in Finland for this holiday, it was a rather shocking detail. In years past people tend to keep to themselves. Stores close and the community stays rather quiet. I am hopeful that those traditions are in the past, and now the people have taken a new attitude to their achievement.


Although hard times were faced so many years ago, I feel a positive celebration is what sustains progress. In my experience, celebrations bring communities together, verses mournings that tend to separate individuals. Among the fireworks, festive lights, and a whole year of pride leading up to this moment, Finland has a lot to be thankful for! As for me, I am thankful to be witness to something so special.

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Slush has taken on a new definition since moving to Finland. In a life before Helsinki, slush was a word used to describe some sort of summer dessert. A frozen drink with “red” or “blue” flavor (because a color is a flavor). These days, it is the typical forecast for walking around town. Frozen skies meet barren streets.


I was reluctant to go outside this morning and take pictures. The days have blurred together only to be divided by a few grey hours that separate the long 18 hour nights. As I fiddle around during my usual home routine, I watched the whipping wind out the window as snow flurries fell in every direction.


Despite the weather, I made an honest attempt to go outside and create something. To my surprise, I was greeted by delicately frozen branches and snow-dusted roads. The magic of a winter’s snow can be forgotten far more easily than any summer memory.


Although, as the tip of your nose begins to freeze, the urge to escape sets in. At least for the holiday season, a little crisp air and snowy scenes make the wintertime better.

xx – nasty trash